Be your own marketplace!

Trade Software it’s a multichannel e-commerce platform that allows you to become your own marketplace using the direct sale model.

Trade Software it’s you

Being your own marketplace!

Your own


E-commerce based

On a direct sale

Making money



Having a great idea, it’s not enough, putting that idea to work it’s the challenge. Challenging that we faced for the past couple of years until now. The system dreamed over a cup of coffee years back its now complete.

Trade Software system allows you start your own online business and commercialize exclusive productsand services provided by our third parties partners.

Making money online is not a distant thought anymore, our e-commerce system based on a direct sale compensation plan will help you achieve your financial goals.


A Marketplace is an online store where multiple vendors come together to sell their products.

The world has become a big marketplace, selling everything to everyone, and businesses such as Amazon, eBay, Alibaba and others have stablished their empire making billions of dollars in sales every year.

Trade Software connects you to vendors and provide an easy to use platform where you can have your own Marketplace.

Business Model

Direct Selling is a method of marketing and retailing goods or services directly to consumers based on person to person connections. Earn every time you make a sale and earn even more when you build your own selling team. Our Affiliate Program allows you to recruit your own team and profit every time someone makes a sale.


Generates safety, result and legality. Trust is something we build with time and dedication. The relationship between people is key to success.


Business are made for people, by people. This feature is key to our business model strategy. You are the fundamental resource.


We are innovating our sales model to add value to people by enabling them to have their own online sales business without major investments.